Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to get started in the Ivantage Expanded Market Program offered through American Modern?

There are two simple steps to getting started.

  1. The EA must complete and submit to American Modern the Security Administration Form requesting modernLINK logon credentials. This online form is available on the Learning Center website ( Look for the "Request Credentials" link.

Upon completion and submission of the online Security Administration Form, American Modern will email logon credentials to modernLINK (policy processing system) generally within two business days.

  1. The EA accesses Product and modernLINK education, at their convenience, either through the Learning Center website ( or through modernLINK.
How do I request modernLINK credentials when I have more than one agency location?

The EA Principal should complete and submit an American Modern Security Administration Form for each location with a separate Allstate Agency Number.

How will I know when I can begin quoting using American Modern's modernLINK?

When you receive your logon credentials via email from American Modern, you can begin quoting/issuing through modernLINK. The email's "From" line will read: This email will contain your Username and a link to modernLINK to setup your password.

Is there technical support for American Modern's modernLINK?

Yes. Please contact American Modern's System Support Team by phone at 866-527-9583 or email at .

What is the Program Notice and Authorization Form? Why is it required? How do I get a copy? What do I do with it once I have it?

The Program Notice and Authorization Form discloses critical aspects of the program to the customer. It provides the customer's written authorization to participate in the program. The form is required to protect the interests of the EA and the customer by fully disclosing the nature of the relationship between all parties participating in the program. The EA should obtain the customer's signature on the form at time of quote. If it cannot be obtained at quote, it must be obtained at time of purchase. After the customer signs the Program Notice & Authorization Form, fax it to Ivantage. Ivantage will log and store the form for compliance purposes.

What commissions will I be paid under this program?

Commissions for this program are set by the Ivantage and you should contact Ivantage to obtain commissions information. Please call 1-888-213-0085 and select option 5.

What is my American Modern Subproducer #?

Your American Modern Subproducer # is the same as your Allstate Agent Number (omit the “A” in front of the numerals, i.e. 012345). When quoting, the Agent # on the modernLINK home page should reflect 302619 Ivantage Select Agency and the Subproducer # will be the same as your Allstate Agent Number. These will populate on the modernLINK Home Page when choosing the “Select” buttons.

I understand from the education session that EAs are acting as a broker in this program and do not have any binding authority. How do I know when the policy is bound?

As a broker, you will submit a request to bind through the modernLINK processing system. modernLINK will do one of three things:

  1. Produce a policy number - Coverage is bound
  2. Reject the risk - modernLINK will indicate that the risk is unacceptable, coverage is not bound
  3. Submit to Underwriting for review - modernLINK will submit the risk to underwriting at American Modern and an underwriter will call you to discuss. Coverage is not bound unless expressly bound by the underwriter. For immediate needs, contact American Modern's Partner Assistance Team at 800-492-2064.
If a policyholder's coverage is cancelled, is the premium refunded?

Yes. Premium will be refunded for a cancelled policy. Refunds are calculated on a pro rata basis and may be subject to a minimum earned premium.


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